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Posted 835 days ago

Huawei 13000mAh Power Bank

Hi, I'm selling #Huawei 13000mAh Power Bank
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • M Adil_Bilal sealed pack box. ?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Please give me 125.. this is last
  • Bawany are you willing to sell for 120
  • Bawany sir i can only pay 120. if you would like to sell it to me then i can buy it now for the mentioned price
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Dear 130 last
  • Bawany 120 is what ican pay
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD This is good price dear
  • Bawany i can pay 120 and buy now
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD No dear, this is wholesale price include shipping charges
  • yasser jamal Make it 110
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129 AED, delivery included