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Posted 677 days ago

Samsung Level U Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Gold Color

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Level U Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Gold Color
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Aloow Even the white one wasn't in your stoke
  • Aloow That's why they've cancelled my order?
  • ShoppingStore U can make order from our store its avaliable there
  • ShoppingStore U can may order but we have blue color only tite now in stock
  • Aloow Can I?
  • Aloow I want to order it again
  • ShoppingStore Price is same for all
  • markshawn18 can you make the price 30dhs less for the bule one??
  • Aloow Whay?
  • ShoppingStore It was cancel by melltoo team
  • Aloow ?
  • Aloow Where is my order
  • ShoppingStore Jst refresh u will find blue one from out store
  • markshawn18 can you make another post pls
  • ShoppingStore U can buy its there
  • markshawn18 i want to buy the blue one
  • ShoppingStore Yes have
  • markshawn18 hello do you have anymore???
  • Aloow I'm bout it
  • ShoppingStore Hello gold is out of stock we have blue n black color in stk now. Which color of this u like to buy
  • ShoppingStore Original
  • Aloow Is it original?
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150 AED, delivery included