Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge White (Light Use)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge White (Light Use)

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge White (Light Use)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • RARE COLLECTIONS 1500 last
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari so pls reduce the price. as you said
  • RARE COLLECTIONS i send to ur email plz check him
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari yes 20minutes before email me plz
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari i sent already
  • RARE COLLECTIONS click the contact me button chat with me then i give u imei number
  • RARE COLLECTIONS send me private msg
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari but send me model number and imei i will purchase
  • RARE COLLECTIONS its the last price
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari bro please reduce the price to one thausand four handred dirham and send me model number plus imei i will purchase it
  • RARE COLLECTIONS lighty used and no scratch no damage
  • Kweku please is brand new?
  • Kweku please is brand new?
  • Kweku please is brand new?
  • RARE COLLECTIONS no have scratches also its good condition
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari Pls Just make me sure there is no fault and it clean no dent no scratches
  • RARE COLLECTIONS 1467 last last if u want becauze only i get 1300
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari I will purchase 1400dh
  • RARE COLLECTIONS galaxy s7 edge white color since 6 month iam using no scratches no dameges
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari Can you lls tell me the model number and how long has been used? is there any foult or Scratches?.
  • RARE COLLECTIONS no warrenty and no charger only phone
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari doest it have Warranty and Accesseries???
  • RARE COLLECTIONS i gave u 1522 last if u want
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari Give me a little discount I will purchase
  • RARE COLLECTIONS built in memmory
  • Aan memory ?
  • RARE COLLECTIONS i gave u 50dhs discount
  • RARE COLLECTIONS its original phone not a referbished
  • Aan last price
  • Aan new or refurbished?
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1500 AED, delivery included