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Posted 680 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S5

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S5
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • ALI where 2 come.. in sharjah
  • rehebaaa bro plz tell have any problem or any issue in this phone?
  • Afghan bro thats last if u will purchase i will get 500 only
  • tayyabrtyt dear bro can you reduce some price if yes plz tell me much you can maximum reduce
  • tayyabrtyt plz tell me bro now is it available for sale in melltoo?
  • Afghan sorry bro
  • Ishagdg do it 500 I eill buy and any problem will be in mobile then
  • Afghan 80 dhs they will take for his deleviry and comission
  • Afghan if i will make it 500 so i will take 420
  • Ishagdg do it 500 then only I will buy and ask ur friend it's made in
  • Afghan if u will purchae i will get 500
  • Afghan now i reduce the price
  • Afghan ok
  • Ishagdg I will buy from melltoo
  • Afghan ok come take 500
  • Ishagdg u said one person 500 k
  • Afghan finish deal ??
  • Afghan he tell me gv to customer lsst 550 but for u i ssid 530 ok
  • Afghan bro
  • Afghan bro
  • Ishagdg ask him and say me if last 470 then k and made in ask from him
  • Afghan maybe vietnam
  • Ishagdg made in
  • Afghan 530 last
  • Afghan sorry
  • Ishagdg made in
  • Ishagdg 450
  • Afghan 550
  • Ishagdg last how much
  • Afghan bruh its my friend mob now he is offline i take the emi and sn and now he is offline..... if u want u come and check everything
  • Afghan R58GIORNN9R
  • Ishagdg Send me Serial Number
  • Ishagdg which model
  • Afghan remove the dot ok
  • Afghan remove the dot ok
  • Afghan remove the dot ok
  • Afghan
  • Ishagdg why this Much late
  • Ishagdg k
  • Ishagdg k
  • Afghan wait
  • Ishagdg Plz send me fast
  • Afghan ok
  • Ishagdg Send me EMI number
  • Afghan gold
  • Afghan 2 gb ram
  • Afghan 16
  • Ishagdg how much GB 16 or 32
  • Afghan no
  • Ishagdg any problem in mob
  • Afghan ok 500 ok
  • Afghan ok u r welcomw
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter no dear thnxx
  • Afghan 550
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter 500
  • Afghan deal is one deal on use mobile no any warranty ok
  • Afghan yes its orignal
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter this is original..?? any fault you are responsiable ok
  • Afghan now if u will perchase i will get 550
  • Afghan ok
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter no change your prise then I ll purchase
  • Afghan 550
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter 500
  • Afghan ??
  • Afghan bro 580,last
  • Afghan ok
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter just coments
  • Afghan ??
  • Afghan call me
  • Muhammad Zaman Akhter 500
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550 AED, delivery included