Ashfaq101 Ashfaq101
Posted 681 days ago

HTC Mobile 626 S

Hi, I'm selling #HTC Mobile 626 S
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • hafiz 3g or 4g
  • Jabipaika254 Ok
  • Ashfaq101 no now i chat with you on this mobile but dont have pic inside
  • Jabipaika254 So not ur phone. Where is it
  • Jabipaika254 Ok
  • Ashfaq101 now i dont have tomarrow i send you
  • Jabipaika254 Can u send me the original pic of this phone
  • Jabipaika254 How long used
  • Ashfaq101 no used
  • Jabipaika254 Its new
  • Ashfaq101 350
  • hafiz final price
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380 AED, delivery included