Tayyab_Naseem Tayyab_Naseem
Posted 644 days ago


Hi, I'm selling #LG G4 ib mint condition with charger and hands free
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • SRIROHIT back cover which color all three any problem with mobile ?
  • Tayyab_Naseem Yes still available just charger and hands free have don't have box
  • SRIROHIT still available....box charger earphone all u have...
  • Tayyab_Naseem Bro already mention the best price
  • SRIROHIT hi how much last serious.
  • Tayyab_Naseem with charger and hands free
  • Tayyab_Naseem just chek warranty
  • vikita How old? And any warranty?
  • Tayyab_Naseem it's used but like as brand new condition
  • Siddeekh_AbdulSamad is it brand new
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600 AED, delivery included