Yashika_Bhagnani Yashika_Bhagnani
Posted 642 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Golden 32 Gb

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Golden 32 Gb
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Olamide91 have just give u a flash
  • Yashika_Bhagnani call me 0,5,5,9,6,1,4,1,7,2
  • Olamide91 have just ordered for it
  • Olamide91 how can I call you?
  • Yashika_Bhagnani no mistake in the phone
  • Yashika_Bhagnani its in good condition
  • Yashika_Bhagnani chk
  • Olamide91 now
  • Yashika_Bhagnani no fault
  • Olamide91 hope no fault ?
  • Olamide91 okay make it 1,200 let me buy it now
  • Yashika_Bhagnani i m saying i dnt have receipt....n u r asking abt warranty.... i told u its gifted....
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari any Warranty Remain???
  • Yashika_Bhagnani its used 4 months.... and dnt have receipt its gifted by some one.....
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari Hi can you tell me please How Long Has been used ?? does it have any Warranty?? from Where did you purchase do you have the recipt?
  • Yashika_Bhagnani u dont want this?
  • Olamide91 change back to your price . you came back late . have just ordered for iPhone 7 2,500
  • Yashika_Bhagnani i made 1,200 chk now
  • Yashika_Bhagnani tell me if u want
  • Yashika_Bhagnani i will get 1,240aed only because there is commission and shipping charges.... thats why i put 1,400aed from 1,400 i will get 1,240... so better u cum n give me 1,200 and take the mobile
  • Olamide91 I know about it
  • Yashika_Bhagnani it takes time...for delivery and shipping...u come and pay and take it
  • Olamide91 guess you're not ready to sell
  • Yashika_Bhagnani u directly come at take it...
  • Olamide91 change the price here
  • Yashika_Bhagnani ok come...bur dubai...
  • Olamide91 1,200
  • Olamide91 make it 1,2
  • Olamide91 I want it now
  • Yashika_Bhagnani tell me if u want
  • Yashika_Bhagnani how much?
  • Olamide91 I want this right now make it that price in next a minute you will find it sold
  • Yashika_Bhagnani 1,250 aed final
  • Olamide91 put it 1,2 I want it now
  • Olamide91 put is 1.2 want it now
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1200 AED, delivery included