Posted 674 days ago

brand new Harley style electric scooter 1000W 35-40km/h Price negotiable.

Hi, I'm selling #electric scooter "MoVlogs" electric scooter/bike 1000W 40-45km/h With warranty!
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • CaliKid CaliKid Zamaan where are u located?
  • Zamaan Dufily Will you ship it out to me
  • Sharene Lee 👏👏
  • Jawad Jawad hi bro i watch your vlogs i like it very much
  • CaliKid CaliKid hi how's it going Jawad?
  • Jawad Jawad hi bro
  • CaliKid CaliKid send me message bro
  • SAHIL RAK Last price?
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