Nabil_suwan Nabil_suwan
Posted 637 days ago

Samsung Gear S2

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Gear S2 band new Unwanted gift
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Nabil_suwan wish you the best
  • Youae yes today I got the watch. thanks
  • Nabil_suwan Did you receive the watch
  • Youae thank you.
  • Nabil_suwan Today. they picked up the watch
  • Youae thanks. just placed the order
  • Nabil_suwan the item is ready you can order it
  • Youae thanks
  • Nabil_suwan this what i"m doing now
  • Youae I suggest u pls message the customer service they will do the needful. I want to buy it soon. if things are ok
  • Youae I did not cancel the order. the admin did it. after they were unable to contact u to take the parcel.
  • Nabil_suwan Did you cancel the order.
  • Youae I informed the admin and they asked u to contact them and they will reinitiate the process. pls contact them. there is 3 bars u can see on the top left corner. press that and u can see customer care. clock that one and then u can contact the admins
  • Youae I will also inform them now
  • Youae normally it's through the customer service in the app. just press the meltoo icon and it will show the customer service
  • Youae OK shall I inform the admin to initiate the process
  • Nabil_suwan i tried to contact them . put u could not get any contact details
  • Nabil_suwan no body call
  • Youae the admin claim they were unable to reach u. pls advice if u want to sell again as I need to use my credit asap before it goes
  • Nabil_suwan meltoo they charge 60 +20 so i can not
  • Youae lemme know if u can offer 450dhs. I will buy it now
  • Youae 450dhs I will but now
  • Nabil_suwan yes , band new . not used at all
  • Youae is it opened box. all working perfect. can offer best price of 450 will buy now.
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500 AED, delivery included