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Posted 760 days ago

Galaxy S5 4G LTE 16GB BLACK

Hi, I'm selling #Galaxy S5 4G LTE 16GB BLACK
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Imran1234 OK w8 you after 1hour I chat with you
  • Janish Shafeer chuck thn..smone else will buy this
  • Imran1234 boss I am not rech man so I need this so please mke 500 thanks
  • Janish Shafeer wt benefit i get?!..i'll only get 400 bucks
  • Imran1234 I have 250 and pay cash 250 so please mke 500
  • Janish Shafeer if i make 500..u'll 250...Nd wht i get is 400
  • Janish Shafeer no thanks
  • Imran1234 mke 500 now I buy
  • Janish Shafeer charger and headphones and box
  • Janish Shafeer if u buy for 600..i only get 500..if i give u for 500..i'll get 400
  • Imran1234 accessories
  • Janish Shafeer original
  • Janish Shafeer no warrant
  • Imran1234 have all accessories
  • vikita Any warranty?
  • Imran1234 original or usa
  • Imran1234 500
  • Janish Shafeer tell me ur price first?!
  • Imran1234 last bro
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