Usmanirshad12 Usmanirshad12
Posted 658 days ago

Original iPhone 7 Jet Black 128 Gb

Hi, I'm selling #Original iPhone 7 Jet Black 128 Gb just 10 days use reason for selling need funds warranty till 31 Dec 2017 without accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • NayefAhorani dear its not must tat we check in apple store i have gone to much sites and todau itself the said ita ( two thousa nd seven hundred fifty)
  • Usmanirshad12 New one cost is 2999 you can check on Apple Store
  • NayefAhorani new one Costs ( two thousand seven hundred fifty )
  • NayefAhorani anyways in case u can let me know
  • Usmanirshad12 Sorry brother 2700 last
  • NayefAhorani ( two thousand four hundred)
  • NayefAhorani hey There if it's still available I will be buying it for ( two thousand four hundred) if OK with u
  • Usmanirshad12 If you want accessories then the price will gone up like 2800Aed
  • Atul_Moren Only phone and what about charger and earplugs
  • mannisaah 2300
  • Rolla 2200/-
  • Rolla 22000 last boss
  • Imran1234 two thausand one hundred
  • Usmanirshad12 2800 last
  • M Adil_Bilal two thousand ok
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2700 AED, delivery included