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HTC One M7 4G 32gb With Built-in Beats Audio Speaker. With Its Original Charger 👍

Hi, I'm selling #HTC One M7 4G 32gb With Built-in Beats Audio Speaker. With Its Original Charger 👍
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Shawwal Ahmad ok
  • Shawwal Ahmad madam pleaze reply me
  • Bea Balz My friend... no more... someone buy it already
  • Shawwal Ahmad please tell me about its condition
  • Shawwal Ahmad now have 50%discount this mobile
  • Bea Balz Sold out 😊
  • Shawwal Ahmad now how much prize
  • Shawwal Ahmad now how much prize
  • Kishor Asa I give you 450 if okey text me
  • Bea Balz 550 very last
  • javed iwant to buy tell me last price
  • Bea Balz No warranty but u can return it if u can see defects but this mobile us really in good condition... i just sell it coz u have iPhone.. not using it anymore
  • vikita Warranty?
  • Bea Balz
  • Khalid Naeem 00923009670507 it's in what's app
  • Bea Balz Please send me msg in melltoo.. ur number is not on whatsapp
  • Bea Balz 😊
  • Khalid Naeem Hello What's up , Would you like to sale round about 520 , kindly contact me on 0588235393
  • Bea Balz Click contact me below the ads pics
  • Amir Khan mobile No plz
  • Bea Balz 600
  • Amir Khan hi last ?
  • Amir Khan hi last ?
  • Bea Balz Sorry i dont like.. 😊
  • ismail shah v9 korean
  • Bea Balz What name of mobile?
  • ismail shah diffrence i will pay
  • ismail shah for v9 64 gb
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez this is m7
  • Bea Balz For what ? 😊
  • ismail shah xchange?
  • Bea Balz Its 6ms used
  • kishore00876 its new or used ? warranty?
  • Bea Balz 600
  • kishore00876 last ?
  • Bea Balz Sorry cant...
  • kishore00876 500 ok
  • Bea Balz Used...
  • Mir Mohammed new mobile
  • Bea Balz Yes it is... 👍
  • Fareed it's in good condition?
  • Bea Balz Hi last would be 600... 6mos used.
  • Fareed hello how much last and its use one? how long did you used?
  • Bea Balz 600 the least i can give
  • Imran1234 have warranty
  • Bea Balz Sorry 😐 if u want 500 then meet up... 😊
  • Imran1234 500
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516 AED, delivery included