Rauf Abdul Rauf Abdul
Posted 662 days ago

Galaxy 6 Edge Gold 64gb With Box Charger

Hi, I'm selling #Galaxy 6 Edge Gold 64gb With Box Charger
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Waqasuz I am going to buy it now...if serial number do not match with box, I will return it. ok bro
  • Waqasuz I mean when u restart the phone, does it show any US mobile company logo like verizon , AT&T etc?
  • Rauf Abdul that is i don't know but i buy in uae on box written made in Vietnam by Samsung
  • Waqasuz is it UAE phone ?
  • Rauf Abdul if anyone wants to buy cash then 1.050. it's orignal
  • Rauf Abdul yes available
  • Kishor Asa is it available now
  • prince ab come in pvt msg
  • prince ab come in pvt msg
  • prince ab if phone original and without folt i will buy one thousand fifty cash
  • Bushra_Aslam its whatsapp numbr?
  • Rauf Abdul
  • Bushra_Aslam can u give me ur mbl numbr?i am intrested to buy this mbl.
  • Rauf Abdul cash one thousand fifty
  • ALI any warrenty card. or proof of original
  • prince ab cash how much
  • M masood0009 final how much
  • Imran1234 last how mach
  • Flinto_Sman This has warranty?
  • prince ab have any guarantee warranty
  • prince ab have any folt ???
  • prince ab its a original???
  • prince ab its a original???
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