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Posted 634 days ago

Android Tablet 10" M18A

Hi, I'm selling used #Android Tablet 10" M18A... see picture for specs... good for basic use... as is condition in picture... box accessories included
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Smarty private message me i can let u know more
  • Do U have more tab available for sale?
  • Faja Chalo then best of luck to me haha change price now
  • Smarty yes... all included
  • Faja Ok u have box charger all accessories right
  • Smarty 130 last i can do...
  • Faja Ok please make it 120 i will buy now
  • Smarty no no problem at all... working good
  • Faja So finally its 100% working tablet no touch problem or camera wifi
  • Smarty long time... good for the money
  • Faja How long u used it
  • Smarty i mean good for the money and use is good... china tablet
  • Uzbegim dubai marina Uzbegim dubai marina What u mean by basic use is it kids tablet
  • Smarty screen is good just the screen protector is having bubbles
  • faraz8093 Why screen have too much spots its damage
  • Rajesh how many days you have use?
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130 AED, delivery included