Tayyab_Naseem Tayyab_Naseem
Posted 660 days ago


Hi, I'm selling #LG G4 with charger
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • naeemfatiwala which colour?
  • Waqasuz 550 I can pay
  • Tayyab_Naseem sorry bro already mentioned the best price
  • Waqasuz then price is high... do some reduction I will buy it...
  • Tayyab_Naseem Yes this one us imported
  • Waqasuz I asked is it US imported ? and battery timing ?
  • Tayyab_Naseem bhai every thing is ok
  • Waqasuz bhai sb reply to day do
  • Waqasuz is it imported from US ? ... and is it routed or not?
  • M.s.m how many gb
  • M.s.m how much last price and original or copy
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600 AED, delivery included