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Posted 626 days ago

Original Sony Smart Watch New. Never Opened. Got A Gift.

Hi, I'm selling #Original Sony Smart Watch New. Never Opened. Got A Gift.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Preethi. Ok done
  • Shariq so i will buy
  • Shariq make it 650
  • Shariq change the price dear on melto plzz
  • Shariq ok send it
  • Shariq hello
  • Preethi. Yes same as in pic
  • Shariq its orignal n box pack rite
  • Shariq ok
  • Preethi. I make my last price here. If u want u can buy.
  • Shariq 600 is ok with melto
  • Shariq ok 550 but from melto
  • Shariq so sir 400 is my price
  • Shariq sir this market price
  • Preethi. Collect from me 550 or buy in mellto 650 last. If not ok leave it.
  • Preethi. Sorry. In souk also people can sale item. U can buy that.
  • Shariq on souq new watch price 535 so my offer is 400
  • Shariq 500
  • Preethi. U can buy direct from me 550
  • Preethi. 700
  • Hashnez shop last price ?
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650 AED, delivery included