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Posted 656 days ago

Jumbo Warranty #only 3 Months Used# Sony Xperia XA Ultra Dual Sim#hav original Sony Back Cover

Hi, I'm selling #Jumbo Warranty #only 3 Months Used# Sony Xperia XA Ultra Dual Sim#hav original Sony Back Cover
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  • tasneem52b@gmail.com in its lowest price
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com .
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com just dont have its box
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com its as good as new...very clean nd perfect mobile
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com no sorry
  • Moos 850
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com yes buy it
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com .
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com no thousand dh last
  • Waqasuz 800
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com yes definately dear Neerja....
  • Waqasuz hahahahahaha...what now @tasneem..... jumbo is not on Mars nor they they sold only 1 mobile which is with u :)
  • Neerajpanjabi I bought it from jumbo only... Having same warranty... I bought it for one249 in october gitex... Ok
  • Neerajpanjabi U dont see how much the customer is paying... U see how much. Amount u r getting rite...!
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com so its value is not of 400
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com and also if u buy on meltoo u already getting in 50% off
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com ok same mobile but u must not be having Jumbo warranty
  • Neerajpanjabi I also have same mobile but its not that price.. It shud be max 800 not more...
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com its without box
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com you will be getting it in free credits
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com i am having Jumbos bill..only 3mnths used...
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com sorry cant
  • Waqasuz make it 800 ..
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com also i hav Sony's Original back cover
  • tasneem52b@gmail.com its as good as new
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