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Hi, I'm selling #Jbl-xtreme-red
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • atif mughal In Souq 749 with warranty so can you decrease your price?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Check my list feedbacks.. this
  • Atul_Moren Could you please tell me what about warranty...will I get one ... ?
  • Atul_Moren Where are you from....which emirate ?
  • Atul_Moren But bronwhat if it's not original ?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Meltto booking courier. Maximum with in 4-6 days u will get
  • Atul_Moren I will buy now if you confirm the warranty
  • Atul_Moren Buy when will I get the delivery if I order now ?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Sorry, meltto not allowed to give contact number
  • Atul_Moren Can you give me your mobile number ?
  • Atul_Moren Can I get any contact number please ?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD This is harman warranty. 100% geuine and brand new
  • Atul_Moren Can I get your contact number
  • Atul_Moren Will I get some sort of warranty on it ?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Original , brand new
  • Atul_Moren Is this original or 1st copy ?
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD 860 last
  • Atul_Moren Last price
  • Atul_Moren Hi do you have jbl extreme ?
  • Yegbtshiwet Tawekech do u have a contact no.
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Yes dear
  • david18 Originnal?
  • Faisal Khan 600
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD This is final price
  • Faisal Khan 500
  • Faisal Khan 500
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Brand new
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Hi
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