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Posted 679 days ago

Samsung Galaxy Note5 32gb Black Sapphire

Hi, I'm selling used #Samsung Galaxy Note5 SM-N920C 32gb Black Sapphire... 4g lite 64bit octa core 4gb ram 16mp/5mp made in vietnam by samsung... accessories included charger and headphone
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Razafirdousi did melto picked from u
  • Razafirdousi plz at 05.0 .6 8 .0 .7 9. 9. 6
  • Razafirdousi plzz checkk
  • Razafirdousi do.u have a code plz communicate me in private mesgaee
  • Smarty i dint receive private message razafirdous
  • Smarty This is final price
  • Smarty yes checking
  • Razafirdousi helo bro i wana buy thiss
  • Razafirdousi i need to buy it today plzz replyy
  • Razafirdousi hello plz check my private mesages
  • queeen reduce price
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty anyone interested plz contact
  • Smarty private message me... we can decide
  • voraimranykb can u reduce the price?
  • Johnybravo 12.00 my offer
  • Johnybravo 12.00 aed my offer
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty open used... condition is good as new
  • voraimranykb is it a new seal pack pice or open ??
  • Johnybravo twelve hundred
  • Smarty nah i mentioned already final price... i need to get atleast 1'300
  • Johnybravo 12.0.0i am ready to buy noww I need one mobile urgently tell mee I will buy nowwwww
  • Smarty my offer is final... can't change more
  • Allahwala melto ii can pay u 12,00 aed butwhat about warantyy and box and accessories
  • Allahwala 1K i will come and pick up hiw much waranty and
  • Smarty pickup 1'250... mellto 1'450 final
  • Johnybravo 12.0.0 last
  • Smarty sry i can't
  • Johnybravo market it's available one thousand one hundred coz I have credit in this I wana use it here plz tell me I will buy now
  • Smarty nah thats too low...
  • Johnybravo onthousand aed my ofder
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty 1,800/- is new ... 1,500 for a used which is good as new is a good price
  • mohammed price is high
  • Smarty price reduced to 1,500 buy it now
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty ... anyone interested ???
  • Smarty 1,500 is last i can go down
  • Shariq so we can make ot
  • Shariq what is ur last price sir
  • Shariq yes i m
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty yes original... good as new
  • M Adil_Bilal original?
  • Smarty 1,500 last price... if anyone interested msg me...
  • Smarty accessories included
  • Smarty ...
  • Smarty PM me
  • Asif Kousar last price
  • Smarty no scratch Good as new...
  • Smarty without
  • Asif Kousar with warranty
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1300 AED, delivery included