Samsung Galaxy S3 (Like a New)
Muthalib786 Muthalib786

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Like a New)

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S3 (Like a New)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Aljariri I bay it please send the accessories and charger
  • Aljariri Original ?
  • Muthalib786 364 last last last
  • nerfebayang 350
  • Kishor Asa if 300 I can buy it
  • Kishor Asa will you give all accessory...??
  • Muthalib786 364 final price
  • Muthalib786 its built in 32 GB limited edition
  • Muthalib786 its perfect working until now
  • Janish Shafeer The Price is too high
  • Kishor Asa Battery backup & charging every thing is ok??
  • Kishor Asa How long you use this phone and you have every thing with this phone???
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364 AED, delivery included