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Posted 629 days ago

S7 Edge

Hi, I'm selling #S7 Edgeblack dua 32gb 10 months warrenty pouch box vcoat life time warrenty protector paid 150 dirham for it
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • rajiv kalumal 1750 ??
  • Masood098
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari change the price bro i will purchase it
  • Filehipp0 np
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari as you wish
  • Filehipp0 Sorry text me on WhatsApp if you paid through it , it will reduce alot dear I gave you my whatsapp text me there n meet me next your wish
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari i can pay only through melltoo
  • Filehipp0 dear i am sleeping I have night duty 1.7.0 0 is final agree then contact me otherwise infant talk more by
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari i can provide as the price I said also its used mobils instead of your VCoat
  • Filehipp0 Buy that my dear I checked price from shop samsung outlet alwahda and I have vcoat protector with it's life time warrenty I paid 1.5.0 AED for it any ways buy from there by
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari is in Market One year Warranty if possible make it otherwise as you like bro thank you
  • Filehipp0 Sorry 17 final come today or leave it it's better to buy a m0bile in 10 by 10 condition with all accessories and warrenty rather than pay less and with problem np as u wish
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari please change the price i can only pay thorough Melltoo
  • Filehipp0 it's my whatsapp number
  • Filehipp0 +92....33....1.475.4.928
  • Shiragha Fazelrabi Ghaffari i will buy
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1945 AED, delivery included