Afeef_Afi EDudez Afeef_Afi EDudez
Posted 624 days ago

LG G5 4GB Ram Version.

Hi, I'm selling #LG G5 4GB Ram Version. Official korean version. Not korean copy. Official updates first releases to this version. Only mobile and type c converter. This is 4GB version worth 2,000 in market. Not the 3GB version
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  • Afeef_Afi EDudez whatsapp me for more pics and details 052.972.292.7
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez it doesnt mean the language is korean. Just like verizon release in US, this Korean Telecom release
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez LG is a korean company. So their first release will be in korea. This one is an unlocked version.
  • M.s.m what do u mean by Korean version ?
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez 1,450
  • noorulanees hi how much give last
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez sorry brother. not possible
  • Abdulla_Rasool i want discount...750
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez bargain onky if you are interested
  • noorulanees last how much?
  • Afeef_Afi EDudez no problem with the phone. smooth touch, fast fingerprint, dual cam, and modular phone
  • Abdulla_Rasool any problem with set?
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