Farman Farman
Posted 646 days ago

Lg G3

Hi, I'm selling #Lg G3. LTE .New.100 % okay and scratches.with okay battery timing
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Farman hhhaa hhhaaa okay bye bro
  • Kishor Asa Haha hahah no need broo bye
  • Farman only phone
  • Kishor Asa with all accessory also okey broo
  • Farman no price will be fixed
  • Kishor Asa make 400 then I'll buy now
  • Kishor Asa Broo I don't find like this serial from LG
  • SRIROHIT if new you shd have all accessories and warranty also.....only device price too much....
  • Farman 32 GB memory and card options available
  • Farman no sorry its new price will be fixed
  • Farman G3. LG-F400.L . White colour
  • SRIROHIT if no charger no accessories and no box. if ok 300 change the rate will buy now.....
  • Kishor Asa G3 which serial, which colour,Memory how much & with charger head phone???
  • SRIROHIT charger
  • Farman no box .no accessories. and LTE . Original
  • Farman final
  • SRIROHIT original ? box and accessories? last price....?
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450 AED, delivery included