Jasee Jasee
Posted 642 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S5

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S5 good continuation no scratches not repair also
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Jasee Jasee It's original
  • Aslam_Rana is it original or koria plz tell me
  • Jasee Jasee I can give you only 648 cose tatone looking same same brand-new
  • Jasee Jasee Sorry cose that am still not use tat phone no scratches by your body I know
  • Khan give me 600 I will buy now
  • Khan hii
  • siddiq123 k sry
  • Jasee Jasee Am working mobile shoop I know how much this value
  • siddiq123 this prise vry high
  • Jasee Jasee 648
  • siddiq123 market rate 644 new box
  • siddiq123 last prise
  • Jasee Jasee 16 go
  • Jasee Jasee Actually phone 1 year but no used I have iPhone that's why I don't like Samsung
  • siddiq123 how mny mnth used
  • siddiq123 ram?
  • siddiq123 how mch gb
  • Jasee Jasee No complaints it's good continuation
  • siddiq123 any cmplnt
  • Jasee Jasee Sorry
  • javed 550 i buy last i dont have more point in my accoun
  • Jasee Jasee This mobile it's original I can give you last 648
  • javed can u give 500
  • Jasee Jasee Yes
  • javed ths mobile original
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648 AED, delivery included