Ahsan roy Ahsan roy
Posted 645 days ago

Samsung J-7 Prime Not Used Fresh Pis

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung J-7 Prime Not Used Fresh Pis
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ahsan roy Yes i will give you seel pack
  • Kaliya Is it seal pack piece because I want to gift someone?
  • Asad Baig 700
  • Saifuddin730 500
  • Ahsan roy Okay
  • Ajay.1234 gold
  • Ahsan roy Which colour u want tell me
  • Ahsan roy Axiom warrenty 1 year
  • Ahsan roy This is seal pack and 1 year warrenty
  • Ajay.1234 this is original or copy
  • Shobis Mahato hav warranty?
  • Shobis Mahato Which colour?
  • Mkravi Ill buy
  • Mkravi Make 1000
  • Ahsan roy Okay 1010
  • Mkravi No little less price
  • Ahsan roy Its last
  • Mkravi Last price???
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1022 AED, delivery included