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Posted 639 days ago

2 PC Original Apple Earpod with remote and mic

Hi, I'm selling #2 PC Original Apple Earpod with remote and mic
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mirfanazam i hv posted a new listing may be it will be approved by tomorrow. box has signs of packing in bulk parcel. but earpods are new sealed and genuine
  • Asif Don't worry irfan bhai. will accept and give reviews as soon as Mellto updates. The earpods are awesome. Thank you.
  • Asif where to mark accept. they have not yet updated.
  • mirfanazam Asif bhai please mark as accepted
  • Irfan Ok Thank you
  • mirfanazam current stock finished. after 4 days i may get more. follow me for updates
  • Irfan You have one more
  • Asif sure will do tat. Thank you
  • mirfanazam please mark as accepted and give me good rating 😊
  • mirfanazam u r welcome
  • Asif Thank you Mr. Irfan. Received the earpods. those are awesome and sealed pack. Thank you for services. Allah bless you.
  • Asif ok Inshaa'Allah. Thank you
  • mirfanazam i have received message from melltoo courier tomorrow it will be picked up from me
  • Asif approx how many days it takes for delivery.
  • mirfanazam yes these are original and sealed
  • Taima Jehad they are original and sealed right?
  • Taima Jehad thank you sir i bought them
  • mirfanazam hello taima
  • mirfanazam Taima new listing is active u can buy now
  • Taima Jehad okay sir i wait tomorrow please tell me before updating
  • Taima Jehad me too. thank you sir. if you can upload now i will buy
  • mirfanazam i hv used it with samsung but i think it is compatible with all
  • Taima Jehad thank you
  • mirfanazam tomorrow i will create new listing
  • Taima Jehad and works on Lg sir?
  • Taima Jehad yes i need if you van list now i will buy
  • Taima Jehad sorry sir if you can put now i will buy
  • mirfanazam Taima you got late. if u need then let me know i will list again i have only few pieces left
  • Asif Thank you brother
  • mirfanazam dont worry you will like this item
  • Asif ok no problem. Inshaa'Allah the earpods will work good.
  • mirfanazam yes outside plastic box
  • Asif outside has plastic rubbing. means the box right
  • mirfanazam Asif did u read my comments for condition
  • mirfanazam i need to mention 1 thing before you buy as these two were packed in bulk so their outside plastic has minor signs of rubbing. inside earpods are untouched and sealed
  • mirfanazam i have updated listing u can buy
  • mirfanazam by evening i will add new listing for 2
  • Taima Jehad please if ou have more make 2 for 110 i will buy
  • mirfanazam price includes melltoo fee and shipping
  • Asif any discount
  • mirfanazam yes
  • Asif it is original
  • Asif its original
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110 AED, delivery included