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Posted 639 days ago

Enet Smart Phone

Hi, I'm selling #Enet Smart Phone
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ustore 50 DHS will be reduce
  • Ustore use code : SAHLME50
  • Jubi123 Jubii hii bro change price 140 i am buy
  • Ustore Actually it was a discount coupon which is expired today any way if you purchase today I will give discount (I will change price)
  • Faja How much discount and how to get discount
  • Ustore This valid only today
  • Ustore SAHLME50
  • Ustore you can buy it now And copy and paste this code on discount code place for 50 AED discount : SAHLME50
  • Ustore ok
  • Jubi123 Jubii ok change price 140 i am buy
  • Ustore if you buy today I can give you 140 last after discount
  • Ustore ok
  • Jubi123 Jubii 140 i am buy
  • Ustore 149 AFTER DISCOUNT
  • Kitty Kat 85?
  • Ustore after discount u have to pay 149 only for tofay
  • Jubi123 Jubii 140
  • Ustore offcourse china
  • saif karim made in ?
  • Ustore 6 months
  • Faja Any warranty?
  • Ustore yes , Brand new , box pack with full accessories
  • Faja Brand new box pack ?
  • Ustore with free standard wireless headset with purebass system
  • Ustore 1GB ram , 3G, DUAL CAMERA (BACK 5 MP WITH FLASH FRONT 2 MP WITH FLASH , DUAL SIM (regular sim and micro sim)
  • Arifworld what is the processor
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175 AED, delivery included