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Huawei Honor5X , please read the first comment

Hi, I'm selling #Huawei Honor5X , please read the first comment
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Imran007 650
  • Azhar.shaikh Bro this phone new come to souq is 629
  • fida4u guys please chat in personal. dont irritate others by chating here.
  • markshawn18 you can contact me in whatsapp my friend
  • markshawn18 im putting the sd card 8gb already, its final my friend
  • Muktar i know but i take sd card !!
  • markshawn18 my friend this is the lowest is can go i deducted 50dhs already
  • Muktar so make it 800 give me 8gb
  • Muktar ha ha...
  • markshawn18 my mom took it , sorry😅
  • Muktar 16 what problem broo
  • markshawn18 is 8gb sd card okay?
  • Muktar give me sd card same price i'll buy now
  • markshawn18 this is my final price guys from 880 i made it 818 its less now
  • markshawn18 i decreased the price, i didnt increase it
  • Muktar you increased price 😃. before 800 now !! also no sd Card 🙄
  • javed 600 ol
  • markshawn18 this is the last price
  • easin 700
  • markshawn18 16gb sd card is no longer included
  • markshawn18 16gb sd card is no longer included
  • markshawn18 no boss
  • Muktar you didn't change mind??
  • markshawn18 hey
  • Muktar hi bro ...
  • Muktar make 800 broo
  • Muktar you have warranty ??
  • markshawn18 all accessories is original and the black case is new its rubber silicone case
  • markshawn18 i also included a 16gb sd card and mobile case and tampered glass screen protector is already installed
  • markshawn18 sorry boss, its fixed price
  • fida4u 600
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