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Posted 607 days ago

Iphone Skin Carbon Fiber Skin Sticker Iphone 6s And 6

Hi, I'm selling #Iphone Skin Carbon Fiber Skin Sticker Iphone 6s And 6
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  • christy angelina With cuts gives you better phone service as it isnt blockingbthe antenae
  • shahilali I need the skin without cuts for antenna. Full piece
  • christy angelina Just 10 more dhs 65 and ok we have a deal
  • shahilali Bro last 55 i will buy
  • christy angelina I made it to 70 no more last price
  • christy angelina 75 sorry no profit for me
  • shahilali More than 55 dhs is loss
  • shahilali Last 55 Dhs
  • christy angelina 50 i have no profit
  • shahilali I will buy now for 50 dhs
  • christy angelina 75 last
  • shahilali Last 50 dhs
  • christy angelina It has cuts for antena also
  • from where u buyed this
  • christy angelina Only iphone
  • carbon case
  • u have samsung s6
  • christy angelina No bro onlr for 6 and 6s
  • Azhar.shaikh Bro you have IPhone 6 Plus...?
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