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Posted 630 days ago

iPhone SE 64GB Silver, With Warranty Piece, Used Hardly 15-20 Days, Only Unit, No Accessories

Hi, I'm selling #iPhone SE 64GB Silver, With Warranty Piece, Used Hardly 15-20 Days, Only Unit, No Accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • its motwani But u take photo frm here, u should also pay some more amount along with 700 dhs
  • Aarti sharma Its cost free not 700 because i take it from mu company printer
  • its motwani On 700 dhs take above iphone colour photo copy frm ur pinter
  • Aarti sharma 700
  • its motwani N
  • its motwani H
  • Ferdinand yea men I realize. no charger no box 15-20 days used. 498 will enough.
  • ShoppingStore To much 500
  • Ferdinand 5*0*0
  • ShoppingStore 401 last
  • Ferdinand I'll make it 4*0*0 last price pay
  • ShoppingStore First make 300 dhr thn will have screen of ur product in post on ur wall
  • its motwani Take a screen shot on 300 dhs
  • ShoppingStore 300 dhr for mobile only pay
  • Ferdinand how much is your last price?
  • Ferdinand you give 1*0*0*0dhs I buy now bro
  • its motwani On 1000 dhs take this colour photo frm printed
  • Ferdinand 1*0*0*0 bro
  • its motwani Nothing any dent, nothing any scratch and nothing any issue, accessories and box forget to another country, keep phone side for running a another country sim, for network catch, so what the mean for above all, means NEW
  • Ferdinand how can a new item without accessories with 1*2*5*0?
  • its motwani Up
  • its motwani Only device, which is new
  • Ferdinand no charger?
  • its motwani No
  • Vaishu Viswa do u hv bill fr this?
  • Vaishu Viswa do u have bill?
  • its motwani Some already bid 1200 and above
  • Vaishu Viswa 1000?
  • its motwani Till may 2017
  • Vaishu Viswa hello. how many months warranty left ?
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