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Posted 662 days ago

Apple Ipad 2 64 GB Wifi Only !

Hi, I'm selling #Apple Ipad 2 64 GB Wifi Only !
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • christy angelina Same piece available !! Message me !!!
  • christy angelina Message me.
  • M.s.m How much and how many gb
  • christy angelina Yes
  • M.s.m yes you have more or not
  • christy angelina Yes
  • M.s.m you have more or not
  • christy angelina Message me please :)
  • M.s.m it is sold any more
  • christy angelina 750 is last. Maybe i can go down till 700
  • Shariq 600
  • christy angelina Wifi
  • Siddeekh_AbdulSamad Is it wifi or 3g
  • christy angelina No
  • Hanna Sudani Sim can use or not
  • christy angelina Its wifi
  • Absar Showket Is it wifi 3g??
  • zepong swap to my samsung s5 plus add me cash
  • christy angelina 799 is last becausei lose 12% from meltoo
  • creats 600 ok
  • Shobis Mahato Wat is ur last price u can giv?
  • Shobis Mahato so it should have warranty available If it's used for 4mnths
  • christy angelina Mine is also facetime and i can give free orginal ipad case :3
  • lazim My ipad has an skin worth 200 and also facetime enabled device
  • christy angelina Used for 4 months ( collectivly in days)
  • Shobis Mahato so hw long it's used?
  • Zain Amjad warranty.......?
  • christy angelina Guys there is another ipad 2 on this page for 1099 i almost giving 400 dhs discount.
  • christy angelina No warranty i guess. Only 1 year is official warranty
  • Shobis Mahato sim can use or wifi only ?
  • Shobis Mahato warranty still?
  • christy angelina This is ipad 2 64 gb no scratches used very lil since it was used by my mother to see movies once a month very slightly used
  • saamir last price
  • christy angelina 0528096737 whatsapp me
  • Asif howz the condition. can you post pic of charger
  • christy angelina Only original charger no box
  • Asif it is with original box and charger
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650 AED, delivery included