mirfanazam mirfanazam
Posted 602 days ago

2 pc original apple earpods

New but only in jewel case
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Irfan They have still not updated bro. Will do once done
  • mirfanazam Irfan plz mark as accepted and give feedback
  • mirfanazam plz mark as accepted and give good rating 😊
  • mirfanazam u r welcome 😊
  • Irfan Received the Earpods. Awesome. What a quality. It's original. Thank you Irfan bhai. Keep up good services. Allah bless you.
  • Irfan Ok bhai thank you
  • mirfanazam Courier picked up today 😊
  • Irfan Ok Irfan bhai. Just msg me.
  • mirfanazam sure i will msg u in evening before coming
  • Irfan I am free tomorrow anytime
  • Irfan Sorry Irfan bhai. I was busy. My order still not delivered
  • mirfanazam hello. melltoo has still not even created shipping label for your order
  • mirfanazam Irfan u will be at home after friday prayer? if yes then what time. i will see if i can pass by and deliver
  • Irfan Mellto service is very bad. Yesterday they replied your is processed and soon will be collected.
  • mirfanazam in evening i will deliver myself melltoo walay to so gai han lagta ha
  • Irfan Ya.
  • mirfanazam Irfan ur address on order is in ajman?
  • mirfanazam for your order still AWB is not generated. yesterday i reminded customer service they told me it will be done but. give them a call to book pickup
  • Irfan Any status on the order
  • Irfan Assalamu alaikum
  • mirfanazam no today he did not because he did not bring paper for it.
  • Irfan They didn't collect my order
  • mirfanazam today he came but only picked up one order. i informed customer service they will arrange for tomorrow.
  • Irfan Assalamu alaikum. Did the courier collect the earpods today.
  • mirfanazam dont worry i will followup in morning
  • Irfan Thank you. Let me know once despatched
  • mirfanazam wa salam courier has not come today. in morning i received email that pickip is scheduled.
  • Irfan Assalamu alaikum. Is it courier today
  • Irfan Ya because of rain. Insha'allah will get soon. Thank you
  • mirfanazam Irfan melltoo courier did not come today
  • Irfan Assalamu alaikum. Are the earpods shipped.
  • mirfanazam this is original. but only in jewel case without original box and warranty card
  • Vaishu Viswa this is original rite.? Not a copy.
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