mirfanazam mirfanazam
Posted 633 days ago

2 pc Original Apple Earpods

New Sealed and Original Earpods. Packing has marks due to bulk packaging and shipping.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mirfanazam yes he picked up today
  • wacym Did they collected the shipment?
  • mirfanazam Thanks. insha allah
  • wacym He will come tomorrow and collect the same n tke care of your daughter my good Wishes ..
  • mirfanazam he called me but unfortunately i was in hospital as my daughter is admitted so i told him to either come at 5pm or tomorrow
  • wacym Dosra pick up hogaya ?
  • wacym K thanks
  • mirfanazam i already informed customer service they will arrange pickup of 2 pc tomorrow
  • wacym Please ensure both are delivered on time in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience
  • wacym Please ensure both are delivered
  • mirfanazam Wacym today courier picked only 1 pc. i hv contacted customer service to arrange pickup for 2nd pc
  • wacym Tq
  • mirfanazam yes today it is picked up
  • wacym Did they collect the shipment?
  • wacym Can you please call them.
  • mirfanazam shipment is ready i received an email in morning that it is scheduled for today but not received any call yet.
  • wacym courier company is saying that you hve to confirm that shipment is ready.. could you please call them.
  • mirfanazam Wacym hopefully courier will come tomorrow. today may be due to rain he did not come
  • wacym Hogaya pick up sir?
  • mirfanazam dont worry i will keep u updated
  • wacym Bhai yeh meltoo walay jhoot bohat boltay hai.. hamesha order cancel kartay hai.. please update me
  • mirfanazam tomorrow courier is scheduled for another pick up if u contact customer service they will arrange in same time
  • mirfanazam ok thanka for purchase normally melltoo courier comes in 1 or 2 days for pickup
  • wacym Accept the same and please ship asap!
  • mirfanazam ok i hv changed to 110
  • wacym 110, this will be final offer from my end
  • mirfanazam i am sorry this price includes melltoo fee and shipping as well so i cannot offer less
  • wacym Make it 100, i will buy right away..
  • mirfanazam i hv another listing for 2 pc for 75 they are in jewel case only without in sealed pack and apple warranty card
  • mirfanazam the one i sold for 75 was 1 pc. this listing is for 2 pc
  • wacym Change the price as u hve sold same for 75 as well
  • mirfanazam these are original with apple warranty card inside
  • varunchana Original or first copy
  • wacym Ok mke it 100
  • mirfanazam thanks. this is last price
  • wacym Make it 90 , i will buy right away
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110 AED, delivery included