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Posted 652 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 And Note 5 64gb. Limited Stock

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 And Note 5 64gb. Limited Stock
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Arshad Qasim zero five six six nine eight three nine seven nine.. this is my whatsapp i write like that because number i can't write here that why
  • M masood0009 and give me whatsapp
  • M masood0009 ok boss
  • Arshad Qasim ok boss buy and i will send all accessories and box.. only one pcs gold i have
  • M masood0009 all 32 Gb ha ya zayada bhi han
  • M masood0009 gold bajhna bahi
  • M masood0009 gold bajhna bahi
  • Arshad Qasim ok bhai abi karta ho.. black mai karta ho jis colour mai chayie bata dena mai bej doga
  • M masood0009 ok boss
  • M masood0009 ok boss
  • Arshad Qasim ok bhai.. ap purchase karlo
  • M masood0009 bahi main na Melltoo sa purchase karna ha
  • Arshad Qasim Khan bhai i have original mobile ans gold color also
  • Arshad Qasim yes i have come and check then buy
  • M masood0009 I need
  • M masood0009 gold
  • Arshad Qasim uae dont have but other country i have which colour you want
  • M masood0009 boss tell me
  • M masood0009 boss
  • M masood0009 tell me brother
  • M masood0009 united Arab Emirates gold colour u have
  • Arshad Qasim usa and mix country
  • M masood0009 boss usa or tra
  • Arshad Qasim one thousand three hundred s7 edge
  • M masood0009 how much biss
  • Arshad Qasim yes i have...
  • M masood0009 boss u have edge s7
  • M masood0009 boss u have edge s7
  • Arshad Qasim sammuk which mobile you want s7 edge or note 5 64gb???
  • SammuKsd 1350 is ok?
  • Azhar.shaikh Fine...😇
  • fashionable1 Fine azhar, u ?
  • Azhar.shaikh Bro I think you fast time sell mobile in Melltoo plzz upload new photos
  • Azhar.shaikh Hi fashionable..😊how r you..
  • Arshad Qasim only note 5 64gb one thousand one hundred eleven dirham.. s7 edge its one thousand four hundred
  • Arshad Qasim yes fashionable
  • fashionable1 Anymore ?
  • Arshad Qasim no problem sir.. you can check then give me payment
  • Taima Jehad and any problem in the phone? can i get whatsapp number
  • Taima Jehad sir you have more?
  • Azhar.shaikh Bro Edge how much you give me last and last
  • Azhar.shaikh Problem....? In mobile
  • Azhar.shaikh Bro how much EDge ...?
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