Arshad Qasim Arshad Qasim
Posted 602 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Limited Stock

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Limited Stock
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Arshad Qasim ok boss i will remove ad
  • Zeeshan32145 see you don't have accessories and don't have warranty and also made by USA you just think about this ok
  • Arshad Qasim ok bhai take care
  • Zeeshan32145 ok as you wish I want to give you 500 if you agree send me your location..
  • Arshad Qasim yes no accessories but mobile original this offer only today.. tommorow I will remove this ad.. because only one mobile i have pending..
  • Zeeshan32145 I know Bro but you don't have accessories with out accessories you no tha mobile price.. and tell me you have tha warrant this mobile or no...
  • Arshad Qasim this is last because you buy Galaxy S7 Edge with this price.. you can check the market rate..
  • Zeeshan32145 ok how much is last price..
  • Arshad Qasim means.. no accessories
  • Zeeshan32145 I don't understand only mobile.
  • Arshad Qasim yes.. only mobile
  • Zeeshan32145 still available
  • Arshad Qasim I have gold but only 2 peace
  • Arshad Qasim made from USA but original
  • Arshad Qasim single sim
  • M masood0009 original or usa
  • M masood0009 gold colour
  • Janish Shafeer dual sim?!
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