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Posted 624 days ago

Tplink Wifi Adapter Very Small Size. Portable And 150 mbs Speed

Hi, I'm selling #Tplink Wifi Adapter Very Small Size. Portable And 150 mbs Speed
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Alaa got a buyer :)
  • christy angelina Done 👌🏻
  • mvp all Reduce it to 90 and I will buy
  • Alaa yes it can
  • christy angelina Yes it can 😊
  • mvp all Can this be used for just pixie and chop chop ? Reaver ever ?
  • Alaa I will be more interested on your kali build rather than this adapter though
  • Alaa yup any external USB device in Linux environment gets phy0 phy1 etc. after that the device get Identified As wlan, if you have more than one adapter and based on whichever driver get loaded on kernel first it get wlan0 wlan1 etc :)
  • christy angelina Lol all external adapters let you use phy0 and wlan1 simultaneously ? And by the way, the expression is "whatever floats your boat" also this is melltoo. There is something called free credits 😊
  • Alaa phy0 is device variable and definitely not related to any special parameter of this specfic device , wlan1 is name of wifi adapter .. if I will rephrase it .. this device can be switched from wlan1 to wlan1mon in simple worlds
  • Alaa yeah but most external adapter does and this one you can get it for 10$ .. the same exact one .. tplink did not even make two version of it that one can and one doesn't.. again what float your boat , I just told you price is too high .. you can check souq
  • christy angelina If you are a offensive security developer you should know why the pen test edition is much better. It can be used as wlan1 and phy0 at the same time😊
  • Alaa bro am a offensive security developer , and this works but it is not anything special as you make sound .. but what ever float your boat :)
  • christy angelina This is a pen-test edition. With upgraded kali linux os, can perform with 200+ dbms 😊. Not for regular customers 😊
  • Alaa bro .. on Souq it is for 50 since a year ago for new
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