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Posted 621 days ago

Not Working ..I Phone 5s

Hi, I'm selling #Not Working ..I Phone 5s. Repaired, changed display, now not working. Before buy read carefully...
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Caira Dont forget just keep power bank
  • Caira Thanks mem
  • Caira Please keep power bank and make 600/- i will buy right now i waiting
  • Caira Please keep power bank
  • Caira No power bank
  • faymoo 600 no power bank..
  • Caira No mem please make 600
  • Caira I like this one i want to buy make i will buy
  • faymoo Yes caira
  • Caira Hello
  • faymoo Chat not working sorry
  • Caira Make make 600:- okay make i buy right now mem
  • faymoo Jitendra😝👍
  • Jitender jangir please stop
  • Caira For compliments
  • Caira And please free give me power ban
  • faymoo Ok 👍
  • faraz8093 U r getting more personal bro i said sorry ok
  • faymoo Ur face saying u r a jocker
  • faraz8093 Joke only sorry
  • faymoo Cairo is u buy I will giv free power bank. Only for u ok
  • faymoo Whts scam? ..
  • faraz8093 I m just trying to save peoples from scams hahaha
  • faymoo If u have post... I checked. Still I didn't post anything
  • faymoo Mr Faraz. Do ur business on ur profile..
  • faraz8093 Caira come i will give u iphone 5s without scratches 100% working 650
  • faymoo Last 650
  • Caira I understand make it600/-
  • Caira Make na please
  • faymoo Charger. Headphones, box , clean no more scratches..
  • faymoo I changed display. But again. Broken.
  • Caira Okay make 580/- i will buy
  • Caira Only fir display problem na
  • faymoo Rahul post post I Phone 7 256gb I will buy... u do ur business man.. I wil post may be 2000 if u want buy or leave
  • Janish Shafeer u r selling for this much for a non working 5S😂😂..Its Actually The Price Of non Working 7plus 256gb😂
  • faraz8093 I will pay u 150
  • Meera How much last
  • faymoo Haha. How much u can pay....
  • Jitender jangir I like your price
  • aswin I have iphone 5 for 200 check my ads
  • faraz8093 200
  • aswin brand new iphone 5s online for 550, haha
  • Zohaib Khan hhhhaaa
  • faymoo Only display not working😪
  • Shazul Ashraf look at the description wat u wrote bro
  • BlackHen its not cheap. you must be a fool to sell a non working phone. 😂😂😂
  • Shazul Ashraf it's not working ryt
  • faymoo Can I post to ur any stuff like this cheap comment
  • Shazul Ashraf 100 if it's okay let me know tnku
  • BlackHen 😂😂😂
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600 AED, delivery included