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Posted 621 days ago

2 PC Original Apple Earpods

New sealed and original earpods with warranty card. boxes have marks of bulk shipping.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mirfanazam i also has not received any call yet
  • Atul_Moren Just spoke to them ..they said it'a not yet picked
  • mirfanazam pickups are only arranged by melltoo so it depends on their courier
  • Atul_Moren Bro how long is it going to take ???
  • mirfanazam i hv 1 open pc in cable near trade mark text a serial number is printed something like DTY or DTV and a long number. but very small size text i cant read it
  • mirfanazam this is original i m sure about it. check other buyers who purchased this from me
  • Atul_Moren Because you have to invest for delivery ...so just making things easy for both of us ...
  • Atul_Moren You sure it's not the 1st copy right ?
  • mirfanazam plz confirm then i will accept this order
  • mirfanazam this is original new and sealed pack. its box has marks due to bulk shipping. this was imported from US. box has warranty card but i dont know whats apple international warranty policy.
  • Atul_Moren Can we check the warranty in the website ?
  • Atul_Moren Is this original ?
  • mirfanazam Wacym this is for another customer 😊
  • wacym No sir, i need only above 2
  • mirfanazam theset 10 u can have for 477
  • wacym 90 is my budget
  • mirfanazam i have 10 left for this one
  • wacym Array mir saab, abhi tak dekho lo mei nay kitnay liye hai
  • mirfanazam abhi ye lot khatam honay wali ha next ma ye price bhi nai milay gi 😊
  • mirfanazam yar 90 affordable nai ha es 110 ma shiping and melltoo fee included ha
  • wacym Mir saab intrested hai
  • wacym Aap rate change karay, yeha say mei buy karo ga
  • wacym Mir Saab, puranay customers hai aap kya.. 90 mei karay
  • mirfanazam These are very few left. their boxes have marks i will have to check qty. but these will cost more as all are sealed pack.
  • wacym Mir saab, 90 mei lagaye..
  • Absar Showket This one
  • mirfanazam these earpods have apple warranty card inside sealed box. these are imported from US. i am not sure about apple international warranty here. but if u open and these dont work i will accept return or give replacement. check my selling history on melltoo.
  • basalasal then how we the warranty
  • mirfanazam as individual seller i cannot issue invoice
  • basalasal yes
  • mirfanazam u mean invoice for ur purchase
  • basalasal can I get a Bill also
  • mirfanazam this is the last price cannot offer less. this includes melltoo fee and shipping as well
  • khan amir last how much
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110 AED, delivery included