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Posted 617 days ago

6 PC Original Apple Earpods

New and original apple earpods in jewel case only
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Absar Showket No i want the other one
  • mirfanazam these 15 pc are in jewel case only
  • Absar Showket Which packing do you have on these?
  • mirfanazam 450 is final i cannot reduce further as melltoo fees and shipping is included
  • Absar Showket Then how much
  • mirfanazam i am sorry 300 is not possible for me.
  • Absar Showket Ill buy now
  • Absar Showket 300 final
  • mirfanazam 450 for 15
  • Absar Showket How much for those 15??
  • mirfanazam my new lot will come by 7 april with 100 pieces
  • mirfanazam 15 are left
  • Absar Showket Hey u still have some stock left??
  • mirfanazam i just checked stock only 19 are there. if u want i will post all for 560
  • mirfanazam 20 i will sell for 590
  • Absar Showket ill take the whole 20 give me final price
  • mirfanazam only 20 are left in stock
  • mirfanazam these include melltoo fee and shipping so cannot offer less price
  • mirfanazam 5 i can offer you for 165
  • Absar Showket Sell me 5 for 120
  • Absar Showket There is some technical issue, my messages dont get delivered
  • mirfanazam msg me in private chat
  • Absar Showket Hey give me ur whatsapp number
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193 AED, delivery included