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Posted 610 days ago

Blackberry Z30

Hi, I'm selling #Blackberry Z30
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Rajput Dippy still availble..???
  • kishorasa Why not 400
  • s.suman Ya iam ready 425 ok
  • kishorasa Will you ready to sell
  • kishorasa I have no problem if salman not
  • s.suman Just think 🙂🙂🙂🙂
  • s.suman But one situation iam in India right now I will be back on 14th if u agreed to buy I will change the price
  • kishorasa okey salman u can
  • SALMAN MEMON ok i am buy you change price 415 ok please
  • kishorasa If agree make 400 I'm going to book now
  • kishorasa 400 is my last price broo
  • s.suman One more thing with this mobile u will get 2year warranty with damage protection
  • s.suman Ok for u 425
  • kishorasa Noo broo 400
  • s.suman 450
  • kishorasa Make 400
  • s.suman Bro I have to give melito 60 Dhs so u can understand I will be get only 340 aed
  • SALMAN MEMON you change price i am buy
  • SALMAN MEMON no bro 400 i am buy
  • s.suman If u want to buy give 450
  • SALMAN MEMON i am buy
  • SALMAN MEMON 400 i buy
  • s.suman U will buy
  • Prínçé_Árşh Put 500
  • hayat ullah 350
  • s.suman Hy
  • s.suman Final give 400
  • Chimran 380
  • s.suman 2gb ram 16 memory
  • abbasburhani ram or memory
  • s.suman Hy
  • abbasburhani hy bro
  • abbasburhani hy bro
  • shahadat OK.....you think
  • s.suman Give me some time
  • s.suman I will think
  • shahadat no my final 300+ melltoo
  • s.suman Final I need 350 + melltoo
  • shahadat your 300+melltoo's extra
  • s.suman With box accessories everything inside the box then what u want
  • s.suman What u want extra
  • shahadat other extra
  • shahadat OK if its you put the prize 300 and I will give you more
  • s.suman Including 2year warranty + damage protection
  • s.suman No damages no scratches
  • shahadat its has any damage or any cracks...and what you will have with mobile?
  • s.suman If u will give 300 then melltoo will give me only 240 a
  • shahadat I will give you 300/- AED
  • zepong swap to my samsung s5
  • s.suman It's 3month old with warranty and bill with me
  • shahadat its new and what is with
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425 AED, delivery included