Ahmed Kamal Ahmed Kamal
Posted 589 days ago

Car Organizer Box

Hi, I'm selling #Car Organizer Box مفاجأة KEMOFORTRADING جراب لجميع الأغراض و الاستخدامات لسيارتك يناسبك جميع السيارات تنظيم الاغراض و تجنب وقوعها سهل الاستخدام سهل التنظيف جلد طبيعي ألوان جذابة للطلبات واتس ٠٥٥٩٠٠٥٦٥٢
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ahmed Kamal If you like it pay 💰 85aed
  • Ahmed Kamal Rashad where is your location to sent it to you the item
  • Rashaad Black
  • Ahmed Kamal Great i can give it to you with 15% off this is the max with free delivery cause you are in abu dhabi tell me what color you want
  • Rashaad I am at al markaziyah in abu dhabi
  • Ahmed Kamal Mr rashaad where are you to deliver
  • Rashaad I want for 70 with dilivery
  • Rashaad Y is there no dilivery
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