Raj Soni Raj Soni
Posted 602 days ago

Huawei Honor 5 X

Hi, I'm selling #Huawei Honor 5 X
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Md Amran yaw bro tell me
  • Raj Soni hi buddy md u there
  • Md Amran lets see tnx bro good nyt
  • Raj Soni its a nice peace really and touch is really awsome and finger swcurity is flawless
  • Md Amran yaw chek tnx I hope I can use some month
  • Raj Soni have you check
  • Raj Soni its cha ge allready
  • Md Amran pls change the price then I can order
  • Md Amran u didn't change
  • Md Amran sharjah
  • Raj Soni ok i change price
  • Raj Soni where u live in abudhabi
  • Md Amran ok update ur price there's 500 change that
  • Raj Soni perfact condition, no scratch on screen still same protextor using , its a extra peace just to carry my another
  • Md Amran ok done
  • Raj Soni 4 month old battery backup is really good
  • Md Amran what is the condition and how about the battery backup
  • Raj Soni 400 is last sorry mate
  • Md Amran if u make 350 I can buy
  • Raj Soni my last n final 400 with charger and headphone
  • Raj Soni my last n final 400 with charger and headphone
  • Tasmira Akter with everything? tell me ur last price
  • Raj Soni 450
  • Zohaib Khan 300
  • Raj Soni check in 30 mins
  • Prínçé_Árşh Put new pictures original
  • Raj Soni 650 is still new price mate
  • Raj Soni nope
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba 200
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