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Posted 598 days ago

Vovg Wireless Bluetooth Airpod Black

Hi, I'm selling #Vovg Wireless Bluetooth Airpod Black
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Abror Islomov white
  • Abror Islomov you dont have whate colour?
  • classyhub Sorry same price
  • Johnsonr_1983 you can give for 80 dhs
  • Johnsonr_1983 you can give for 80 dhs
  • BaijnathSingh Can possibly 60 dhs
  • Essamaazme Make it 60 I will buy it now
  • classyhub Yes its there
  • Essamaazme I know I can use for calls but is there mic hole?
  • classyhub Yes u can use for calling also
  • Essamaazme Is there a microphone to make calls?
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99 AED, delivery included