Mami ni Zander Mami ni Zander
Posted 597 days ago

Unwanted Gift Brandnew Mobile Xperia C 4 with warranty

Hi, I'm selling #Unwanted Gift Brandnew Mobile Xperia C 4 with warranty
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Mami ni Zander Hellooooooo before you make a comment make sure your price is correct and if you think in market price is cheapest than my post.... be respectful for the other seller... buy which ever market price you are telling and i dont mind it... so dont mind mine
  • Mami ni Zander salahudeen_ noori , which market price your referring ????? right now go in sharaf dg its AED 1,149,
  • Salahudeen_Noorani hello market price 650AED than y this much!!!!
  • Mami ni Zander 2gb ram and 16 gb memory with 1 yr. warranty
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Ram?memory?warranty?
  • Alkarims1786 650 okay?
  • Mami ni Zander pm me
  • SALMAN MEMON how much last price
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