Khan Khan
Posted 589 days ago


Hi, I'm selling #Iphone6 16gb with charger and 2cases
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Waqar javed how much last price
  • Px And hows its condition? Any problem? Scratch?
  • Px Can you tell me if the the iphone is still available?
  • Px Okay now you getting them?
  • Khan polka i didnot got your messages yet
  • Khan polka i didnot got your messages yet
  • Khan hii
  • Ghulam Jan yes
  • Px Getting my msgs now???
  • Px Is the iphone still available? And is there any prob in the phone and hows the condition?
  • Px Oh ok
  • Khan actually there is problem in melltoo..i did not received your messages dear polka
  • Khan no
  • Khan hii
  • Px ???
  • Px Why don't you reply back when I said I want to buy it and asked you if there are any flaws in the phone???
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba Why are you not able to sell this phone @932 Is it clone
  • Px Change the price so I can buy??
  • aissam raziki I have iPhone 7plus 256 gb Matt black : 0502646780
  • Khan silver colour
  • Khan silver coloir
  • Ghulam Jan Which colour
  • Px Silver or gold?
  • Px Color ?
  • Redha Mohammad 500 cash 😅😅
  • Px What's your last asking price?
  • Px It's okay
  • Khan i was deleting the text but it cannot
  • Khan it was by mistake
  • Khan no
  • Px Ok but there's nothing to laugh at
  • Khan sorry polka
  • Khan hahaha
  • Px 750?
  • Emeka Isaac I will buy 900
  • Redha Mohammad 850 ok
  • Khan 960 last
  • Khan 989aed last
  • Khan hii
  • Px 800??
  • Hamad Karam 800
  • Khan out of melltoo I will give you
  • Khan fixed price
  • Khan yes still available
  • Khan yea
  • JefriHermanto Still avail?
  • Khan fixed
  • Khan fixed
  • Khan last
  • Khan sorry last price
  • Khan sorry last price
  • Khan .
  • ‫ابوسلسبيل محمود‬‎ 800 if ok contact me in 0507599690
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932 AED, delivery included