Samsung Level U Pro Black
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Samsung Level U Pro Black

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Level U Pro Black
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD I upload it . Please check
  • selvaskyblue oh okey
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Sorry dear . 219 last
  • selvaskyblue yes add one as 200
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD U interesting to buy ? I will upload one more
  • selvaskyblue OMG your level u head set is in melltoo is selling too good
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD Sold
  • fawad kh 180
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD 219 last price ( include shipping )
  • mÜzîk wÓrŁD I will check
  • selvaskyblue reduce price to 215.. i wil buy
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219 AED, delivery included