Posted 544 days ago

Salsung Galaxy Grand Prime Original

Hi, I'm selling #Salsung Galaxy Grand Prime Original . Brand New . Color as you choice ☺️
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Matty anila ?? i want that phone. please. contact me.
  • Matty text me here.
  • Matty text me here.
  • Anila Yes i have
  • Matty do u have whatsapp ?
  • Matty through meltoo
  • Anila You want to buy it through meltoo or direct to me?
  • Matty anila post the add, or send me some. contact details. i really need that phone
  • DXB.DEALS I will post one this one's better than j5 mini i will post if u want
  • Anila Matty you can buy
  • DXB.DEALS Text me
  • Matty hey anila i wanna buy g5 mini from you
  • DXB.DEALS Which colour
  • DXB.DEALS Samsung
  • Ramesh it's salsung . or Samsung??
  • DXB.DEALS 4g
  • Flinto_Sman 4g or 3G?
  • DXB.DEALS I am supposed to give numbers my account will be blocked
  • Anila I want to see it on whatsapp
  • DXB.DEALS Personal message here
  • DXB.DEALS 369
  • Anila Please give your number
  • Anila How much last price?
  • DXB.DEALS Original
  • Anila Orgional or china made?
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399 AED, delivery included