Kurban Alikhan Kurban Alikhan
Posted 599 days ago

I Phone 6s Plus 128 Gb Gold Colour

Hi, I'm selling #I Phone 6s Plus 128 Gb Gold Colour
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mohamed shabeer stil available?
  • Amrit Khawas bro
  • mohamed shabeer last hw much
  • Amrit Khawas hello solta
  • RashidMubarakali Please advise
  • Morrad @mubarak Ali to many scam like that. Your account will be block if you continue
  • Morrad Melltoo advice not sell outside of melltoo service
  • RashidMubarakali 1250/- is done , please advise where is your location or call my mob 0506835219
  • Amrit Khawas 1300
  • RashidMubarakali Send it to me I will give you last final cash 1200/- my mob 0506835319, Mubarak Ali , send me thru any courier once I will receive I will pay the cash to courier.
  • Qais_Taherian 1300
  • RashidMubarakali What is last price
  • mohamed shabeer last how much? how long its used
  • Qais_Taherian bro please 1200
  • jhan jacob swap to my sony xperia xa ultra with 200gb sandisk sd card original
  • mary stamaria swap iphone 6plus 16gb and i add
  • Maryam Yap Is this original?how many months u r using from this?
  • Kurban Alikhan Yes 0564628264
  • Aira Santos Available?
  • Kurban Alikhan Ok
  • Kurban Alikhan No thanks bro
  • Mukamil Shah Change with Sony XA ultra 2 years warranty and 1 months using
  • Kurban Alikhan Hahahahaha it's no Patato bro it is I phone
  • Esamn1 hi if 1000 ok call me 0568665462
  • Kurban Alikhan I already use this I phone araund 1 year so finish apple warranty but phone is so condition and no screch
  • Kurban Alikhan I'm not professional mobile seller bro. no warranty
  • Kurban Alikhan You got on low price so you thing its copy but mobile is orginala
  • Kurban Alikhan Sorry bro I don't wanna exchange I have to sell
  • Kurban Alikhan Haha what you se brother it's original phone
  • Mansoor Ali Are you ready to exchange
  • Mansoor Ali Ok
  • deeraj kumar This copy mobile not original
  • Mansoor Ali Warranty
  • Kurban Alikhan If you need so call me gyz 0564628264 it's my number
  • Mansoor Ali K
  • Kurban Alikhan I can give you headphone and charger
  • Mansoor Ali More details 0568302253 watsapp
  • Mansoor Ali S
  • Kurban Alikhan No fault evrething is good condition
  • Mansoor Ali No fault and complaints Master Copy
  • deeraj kumar Have any fault in mobile screen is duplicate or original
  • Tayyab ali I want to purchase your iphone .you give me all complete acessary ??
  • Mansoor Ali 0568302253 my watsapp
  • Kurban Alikhan Send me photos of the ur phone
  • Kurban Alikhan Send me phitos
  • Mansoor Ali Exchange with Samsung galaxy s8 gold
  • Kurban Alikhan It's original and Good condition
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1700 AED, delivery included