Steven Jagdon Steven Jagdon
Posted 567 days ago

iphone 6plus 64gb Gold- IC touch Problem

Hi, I'm selling #iphone 6plus 64gb Gold- IC touch Problem
Delivery included, money back garantee
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  • Jay-r Crisostomo we need to repair this iphone?
  • Asrinu Srinu iphone 6plus 64gb
  • Asrinu Srinu how much u r last price
  • Asrinu Srinu steven
  • Asrinu Srinu hi
  • Jack Garcia Fred its not working at all and how long have used it
  • Panxa what's the problm
  • Steven Jagdon jack yes original, bit it has a problem.
  • Jack Garcia Fred if original I need
  • Jack Garcia Fred original
  • Steven Jagdon okay Ranbir Singh its a deal. it could be much better if we make a transaction out of melltoo.
  • Ranbir Singh ok last is 800
  • ميرغني نقد aloo
  • ميرغني نقد ok
  • ميرغني نقد ok
  • ميرغني نقد 700
  • Steven Jagdon the problem will cost you 250aed
  • Steven Jagdon 800 last sir i can give u that price
  • ميرغني نقد aloo
  • ميرغني نقد ?
  • ميرغني نقد cost
  • ميرغني نقد how match the problem
  • ميرغني نقد 600 ok
  • Steven Jagdon Thatsvwhy i make it 900 for the buyer to save when he's going to send this from the technicians to be fixed
  • Ranbir Singh can u decrease why u selling these if can fixed its
  • Steven Jagdon yes it can be used. but i would suggest youll just fixed this and its not that expensive.
  • Ranbir Singh but it can use
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