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Posted 534 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S5

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S5 - Gold - Barely Used!
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • bmnomani Listen. I'm not here for buying your phone. You can post an ad if you want. Leave this post!
  • Raj Soni dnt give me crap of dealer thing brother i see all people r making fun of ur offer n u saying same to all come on open ur eyes
  • Raj Soni u want to buy s6 edge in 750
  • bmnomani If you want to buy outside Melltoo, I can give you for Dhs. 850
  • bmnomani Listen. I'm a dealer of mobiles. I know you won't get 2 in this price!
  • Raj Soni i can buy 2 in this price
  • Raj Soni u asking hell lot for this how much last u could drop mate
  • bmnomani Almost new!
  • Raj Soni This price is for new or is this old
  • Matty I'll do whatever the fuck i want. you scamshit
  • bmnomani This is my post. You should! :)
  • Matty piss off mate
  • bmnomani Okay. So. Do I care?
  • Matty I'm selling my galaxy s6 in less than this price. "barely used too"
  • Matty hahahahahahahahahaha
  • Mansoor Ali Exchange with Samsung galaxy s8 gold master copy
  • ibtisam... 550 if u have box and acessories....
  • Raj Soni 500.
  • Sayeed wawoo Discount Offer !!😁
  • bmnomani Out of 1100, I only get Dhs. 900... And you cannot get 2 in this price!
  • Janish Shafeer We can get 2 Samsung S5 For This Price😂
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